When signing up for the rental  property the  following payments will be due:

A deposit of  25% of the total rental  price including  additional or inclusive services.

The customer is responsible for  the cost of any  travel insurance. We strongly recommend that you  take out appropriate travel insurance.

The total rental  price and the balance of any other additional services booked  is payable a minimum of  2  months  prior to arrival.

Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive  confirmation  from us  (usually via email).



A - Accommodation

Our prices are inclusive of taxes, but do not include the local tourist tax,  1 € per person over 16 years old, per day with maximum of seven days, which  must  be paid  upon arrival.

Please note that your  reservation  is for a specified number of people. This cannot be increased, as our balconies, loggias, terraces and gardens are not  equipped with additional tables/chairs etc.

B - Optional services

Our accommodation prices and optional services are displayed on our website.




A - Accommodation

We will endeavour to accommodate  your requests to change the period of stay, the accommodation  and/or  resort  if  available.  If  the  cost  of  your  booking, (excluding optional services)  after making the requested  changes to the reservation, is less than the original booking amount, we reserve the right to retain  an amendment fee of 40€.

B - Optional services

Wherever  possible we will accommodate  changes  you wish to make to our optional supplementary services,  if they are available. If  the  cost of the optional services after making the requested  changes is less than original amount, we reserve the right to withhold  an amendment fee of 20€.


Cancellation must be made in writing. The date we receive  your cancellation  is considered to be the effective  cancellation date.

A - Accommodation

In the event of cancellation, the deposit  will be retained so we recommend that you ensure you have travel  insurance  cover.  Administration  costs cancelation  of 100,- €.

• In case of cancellation between the 150th and including 90 days before the date of arrival we charge 25% of the total rental.

• In case of cancellation between the  89th and including  60 days before the date of arrival we charge 50% of the total rental.

• In case of cancellation between the 59th and including 30 days before the date of arrival we charge 75% of the total rental.

• For cancellations less than 29 days before the arrival date we will charge you the full rental amount.

Failure to appear at the rental property will  be charged at  the full rental amount.

B - Optional services

Booked and invoiced optional supplementary services at the resort are not  reimbursable  unless cancellation  is made due to  Force Majeure or due accident or illness, in which case we will require a medical certificate.



The keys are handed over between   16.00  and  19.00 on the day of arrival at the office of the agency Real Estate Inmo Castelló  in  Castelló d'Empúries,  as per the rental agreement.

If you are not able to arrive in time to  collect  keys  please  notify  us  in  advance  to  arrange  a  new  appointment  for collection.

On the day  of  departure the keys  must be delivered  to the agency Real Estate Inmo Castelló  in  Castelló d'Empúries , before  10.00.



On arrival security deposit  in the amount of  100€ - 750€  (as detailed in your rental agreement) is required. This  will be refunded by  bank transfer one mount  after inspection and approval of the rental property by our staff.  Any  damaged caused or any outstanding costs will be  offset against this deposit.



Pets are not allowed in our rental properties.



To  make  your   holiday   planning  easier,   we  will  inform   you  of  the  conditions/ house   rules  in  your accommodation.  Please  take  note  of  these  conditions.  Certain  precautions  will  help  prevent  loss  or  damage. For example,  you should close all doors,  windows,  patio  doors  and lock the  front door  before leaving your apartment or holiday home.
We are not liable for any losses incurred.



For all  trips  away from home, all holiday-makers must have  a valid  identity card or passport. We also recommend that you check  the validity of such travel documents for each member of your party , both  adults and  children, including  babies and your insurance to  check any specific  country  entry requirements, exclusions,  vaccinations required or exchange regulations.



In circumstances beyond our control, including  Force Majeure, it may  be  necessary for us to change our services partially or completely,  (for  example, following complete or partial closure of a holiday residence or a shared facility  such as a  swimming pool,  etc.).



Our local team is available  throughout your  stay to help you any problems, to respond to any complaints and take appropriate action and to enable you to enjoy your stay. Please call with any queries or questions.



When confirming a rental contract for our accommodations, it is deemed that you have automatically accepted our Terms and Conditions. On our website we publish  for the customer the descriptions and photos of the accommodation; due to the diversity of our products  however,  there may be differences in the decoration and other differences between each  holiday home. For more precise information on each holiday property,  please contact our reservations department. Please note that we strive to take into account any special requests regarding the location or orientation of the property  but this cannot be  guaranteed. All information about the sports and leisure facilities near our holiday villas  are communicated to us by tourist offices and owners and are non-binding and for  information only. We accept no liability in cases where a sporting or leisure activity no longer exists at the time of your stay. Since the properties are published on our website well in advance, you should ask before booking if there have been any changes in the meantime with regard to the opening periods of the facilities, the additional services offered by the holiday villa, particularly if these are reasons for selecting this specific  accommodation.

Incidentally, no claims against us may be invoked in case of residential or public construction faults  at the resort.



We advise  you that hotel laws do not apply. Consequently we are not liable in cases of theft, loss or damage to personal property of guests in the holiday facilities, including their accommodation, parking areas, common areas (such as bicycle and other storage rooms, etc.).

Our general Terms and Conditions comply with the provisions of the Spanish Regulations of Tourism Authority.